Polish Biomethane Organization welcomes new member

Press release
22 March 2023

Polish Biomethane Organization welcomes new member

Łukasiewicz – New Chemical Syntheses Institute (INS) is the latest member to join the Polish Biomethane Organization. Seated in Puławy, Łukasiewicz – INS runs research and development work in the field of chemical and biological sciences. It is the first research institute affiliated with PBO, which represents industry experts and leading fuel, energy and heating companies operating in Poland.

“The potential of biomethane and the range of the most suitable substrates for an optimized output of biomethane in Poland has yet to be determined. We hope that with the help of our research and development, we will contribute to developing a completely new sector of renewable energy sources in Poland,” – said Prof. Janusz Igras, General Director of INS.

“We are pleased to welcome a renowned research and development institute as our member. As a center of scientific excellence with a highly skilled staff, Łukasiewicz – INS will aid PBO in developing extensive analyses, resulting in a full and reliable assessment of biomethane potential in Poland,” – said General Director of the Polish Biomethane Organization Michal Tarka.


About Łukasiewicz – INS:

Łukasiewicz – the New Chemical Syntheses Institute (INS), member of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, is a well-known research and development unit conducting scientific research, development and implementation work in the field of chemical engineering and technology, among others, and commercializing products and technologies in the areas of large-scale chemical synthesis, bioeconomy and circular economy. Proven technologies developed by Łukasiewicz – INS include comprehensive modernization of the process of synthesis gas, hydrogen and ammonia production, comprehensive modernization of the nitric acid plant, production of catalysts and sorbents, research of mineral and mineral-organic fertilizers and supercritical extraction of bioactive substances from materials of natural origin. For many years, the Institute has provided scientific and research facilities mainly for the fertilizer and chemical industries, and is a major partner in Poland for such strategic companies as Grupa Azoty and Grupa Orlen.

About the Polish Biomethane Organization (PBO):

The Polish Biomethane Organization (PBO) was established on September 6, 2022, and represents industry experts and leading fuel, energy and heating companies operating in Poland. There are currently 540 biomethane plants in Europe.  The PBO members include: Veolia Energia Polska, Orlen Południe, Gas Transmission Operator Gaz-System, Duon Dystrybucja, Go&Biogas, Selena Green Investments, Unimot, Atrem, the Association of Sugar Producers (groups: Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza, Nordzucker, Südzucker, Pfeifer&Langen), Łukasiewicz – the New Chemical Syntheses Institute (INS) and SMM Legal Energy. The PBO advocates for the development of the biomethane market to accelerate Poland’s energy transition and independence from external energy supplies. The POB represents the interests of the associated members not only at national, but also at international level.




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